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Kingdom Safety – Book Review

by Seth Roach on January 16, 2014

Kingdom Safety by Martha Kilpatrick is a short but fascinating read. You are definitely in for a treat if you are new to Martha’s unique writing style. It is engaging, highly readable and carries tremendous weight. Every word drips with love for Christ and will stir your heart for the same.

The theme of this book is the Kingdom of God and why it is the safest place to be, how easy it is to enter and yet how difficult it can be for us. During these troubled times when many potential disasters and wars are constantly looming; Kingdom Safety provides a clear answer that is rooted in God. It is full of good news pointing to Christ.

This book is divided up in a unique way. There are subject headings for every page or so and those are followed with an illumination that drills down on that subject. I am going to list the headings which are like chapters  in this book. After reading these headings you will get a good idea of what the book is about. I will also include some snippets of text from various headings that will give you a glimpse into her writing style. I encourage you to get the book, read it and reread it. The Kindle book is only $.99 cents and only 46 pages. You can get it here on Amazon.

Additionally I would like to invite you to check out Shulamite Ministries which is the ministry of Martha Kilpatrick and is found at There you can find other writings, listen to podcasts, get a free app and more. And now without any further adieu,

Kingdom Safety


  • The Shaking

Yet truly, the crisis is not in these threats or a world in turmoil. In facing the looming future, the whole crisis for Christians is whether you are inside the kingdom, or outside the kingdom.

Our question of the hour is NOT: Are you prepared? Do you have food storage? Do you have gold? Have you built a shelter? Are you ready?

The one question is: Are you seeking first the kingdom of God?

  • Kingdom Safety

The safety and only security is the kingdom of God. In the Last Days, this will be the one place of protection and supply. God’s heavenly government is the only unshakeable , for even heaven will be shaken. The Kingdom covers and sustains even in the most severe trials.

Nothing is safe. No stockpile is a surety; it can be burned up, or stolen or it can rot. No fortress is impregnable in our times. Any bunker can be breached, destroyed or uncovered.

The real shaking will come from God Himself. No thing and no one is safe from His Power, except those inside His kingdom. The kingdom of God is the only unshakable (Heb. 12:28 AMP): “a kingdom that is firm and stable and cannot be shaken.”

The kingdom of heaven is not an ideal that exists only in the future; the kingdom came ‘nigh’ in Christ. The kingdom is here – because the King has come.

  • Green Pastures, Full Barns
  • Gospel of the Kingdom
  • Kingdom First
  • The Kingdom is the King
  • A Ministry is Born
  • The Kingdom is God’s Will
  • And…His Righteousness
  • Kingdom Purpose
  • Outlandish Blessing
  • Building an Immovable Foundation
  • For Love
  • The Spirit and God’s Will
  • Born Into the Kingdom
  • The Open Gate
  • Impossible Obedience

So here is our dilemma. We must obey. We have to obey. But it is not in our human nature to do so as a complete life principle. Maybe here or there we obey, but an absolute surrender to one loyalty, God’s will, is the gift of Christ.

So God in Christ solved fully and forever, our ultimate failure at obedience.

  • A New Creation

To be born again is not a personal decision, giving God an invitation. It is a divine act of God following an invitation to you from God (see John 1:12, 13)

  • The Delighted Son

The invitation is given, the way is open to the kingdom and here are the first two conditions: obedience and righteousness, both are gifts of Christ.

  • Everlasting Covenant

Even the faith you need to believe the Son, is given by the Son. All is given if we become humble enough to live receiving.

John 6:29 HCSB “This is the work of God, that you believe in the One He has sent.”

Christ will BE your actual obedience by His power and His own nature.

When you will believe, then you can receive.

  • Like Christ
  • Little Child
  • Beggars Possess the Kingdom
  • Kingdom Belonging
  • Trusting Child
  • Much Tribulation
  • Soul Power
  • Glory in Weakness!
  • Kingdom Possibility
  • Daniel and the Real Kingdom
  • The Key to the Kingdom

The secret access to the kingdom is given to the ‘little child.’ God gives the key of the kingdom to all who will give up soul-power and turn back to the condition of a child, vulnerable, meek and surrendered.

  • The Eternal Tomorrow
  • The Unshakable Kingdom
  • Kingdom Praying
  • Praise for Kingdom Belonging

“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  Luke 12:32 ESV

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