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Shedding Shame through Vulnerability

by Seth Roach on February 22, 2012

Today a wonderful sister in the Lord Carrie Walters wrote the 7th post in the series “What I Have Learned in Organic Church Life” titled Christ is My Source of Worth. This is an excellent addition to this series.

I would also like to bring your attention to a blog post that was written on the blog Hands Wide Open titled Community life in the body of Christ: Viewing shame, vulnerability, and worthiness in light of Him

There is a video of a TED talk posted on it with some amazing commentary that I believe will bless you richly. I will also post the video HERE

I believe that as we truly receive the fact that we are worthy of the love of God then we will allow our walls to crumble down. When we see that He spilled His blood for us because of His love for us and that our worthiness is based on Him and His view of us then we will fully enter into the life and relationship with Him He has intended from the beginning.

TED Talk

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