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Turning to the Lord as True Source of the Christian Life

by Seth Roach on February 15, 2012

Here is my contribution to the series on “What I have learned in Organic Church Life”. I admit I have a lot of things I would like to write about but haven’t taken the time to sit down and formulate my thoughts. I thank God for deadlines because they are a tool to overcome procrastination. :)

I wanted to write on the topic of spiritual warfare but not in the conventional sense. My burden is what we believe about the Lordship of Christ and the reality of His indwelling Life becomes an everyday practical reality that we live out among the saints.

I am keenly aware that God is concerned with our hearts more than our outward actions. He is concerned about the condition and attitude of our hearts towards Him and towards one another. When our hearts are in tune with His indwelling life there is a fullness of peace, love and power that is expressed through us for the edification of others and ourselves in the Lord. I am not going to go into depth about that here but will save it for the next blog post.

Some of what the next blog post will be about is how we are distracted from the Lord and the most effective way to overcome the wiles of the enemy which is to turn to the Lord and magnify Him. But that needs to be expounded on. Also, I will touch on how one of the strategies of the enemy is to cause the love of God in us to grow cold toward Christ and especially toward others. This cold love breaks down relationships and community. One powerful thing I have learned while living in fellowship with other saints, rubbing shoulders with brothers and sisters in Christ is that Christ is the solution. That to turn to Christ is the answer. There is a dear brother in Christ who recently wrote an article about that very thing which you can read here.

Here is the first paragraph of a post I wrote a while back concerning what I have learned in Organic Church Life titled:

The Christianity I Have Come to Know

The Christianity I have come to know is all about Christ. The Christianity I knew was all about me and what I could do for Christ. On the outside they may look the same but at the source they are much different. The life of a Christian is a life of deep fellowship and relationship with Christ and His body. Now that we see Christ as our life (singular and plural) He is to be the center (source) instead of ourselves.

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